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Why Opt for American Veterans Restoration in Restoration Business Ownership

In moments of water or fire damage, swift action is critical. At American Veterans Restoration, we honor our name by promptly assisting both residential and commercial clients, ensuring they regain stability as swiftly as possible.

4 Advantages of Becoming Part of Our Disaster Restoration Franchise

Explore some of the key reasons to consider investing in an American Veterans Restoration franchise:

1. Setting New Standards for Water and Fire Restoration Training

No other competitor in the residential or commercial water damage restoration sector offers the comprehensive training program intensity that we do. Technicians at American Veterans Restoration undergo rigorous training and are certified by the IICRC to handle various restoration services including standing water, fire and smoke damage, mold remediation, and indoor air quality concerns.

You and your team will receive complimentary water damage certification training at our state-of-the-art, certified flood house located at our headquarters in Panama City Florida. Moreover, our franchisees benefit from multiple-day regional training seminars at absolutely no charge.

2. Efficient and Effective Home Services with Swift Response

In the restoration business, there’s a golden rule: respond promptly and ensure the job is done right. In addition to receiving exceptional training, an American Veterans Restoration franchise owner gains access to a range of resources and franchise benefits crucial for success, including:

– A 24/7/365 in-house national call center, provided at no cost to the franchise owner, which alerts you the moment a customer requires assistance.
– Training sessions covering the nuances of collaborating with insurance carriers, aimed at streamlining the water or fire damage claims process.
– Access to loans to maintain cash flow during catastrophic events, with no credit check required.

3. Cutting-edge Technology Elevating Disaster Restoration Franchises

A restoration business relies heavily on the right technology. At American Veterans Restoration, we ensure our franchisees stay ahead of industry trends through virtual Tech Talks aimed at enhancing their skills. Additionally, franchise owners gain access to our exceptional restoration-focused CRM system, simplifying reporting, tracking, and job management tasks essential for running a successful restoration business.

4. Backed by a Restoration Industry Dream Team

The executive leadership and support teams at American Veterans Restoration boast over 150 years of collective experience in the restoration industry. Our seasoned franchise training and support teams offer invaluable guidance and resources to swiftly assist residential and commercial clients in recovery efforts following disasters.

American Veterans Restoration provides access to abundant marketing resources, ongoing support, and exceptional franchisee mentoring to ensure success.

An Unparalleled Franchise Opportunity in the Restoration Sector

Acquire ownership of a rapidly growing residential and commercial water damage business that fulfills every criterion for success. Contact our franchise development team today to explore this exciting opportunity.

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