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Some common causes of water damage include:

Faulty appliances
Plumbing mishaps
Deteriorating foundation
HVAC problems and
Natural disasters
Freezing pipes

Turn off water supply to your house
Disconnect electrical appliances in the affected rooms
Move furniture or other perishable possessions from the affected area
Take photos and videos during the different stages for insurance claim purposes
Call a water damage restoration specialist

Certified or experienced water damage technicians start with a detailed assessment using industry-grade equipment, which includes moisture and humidity level checks.

Determining the severity of damages to possessions like carpets or drywall is a crucial step. Any possession beyond repair is removed from the property to prevent any concerns of mold growth.

The next step is to dry and disinfect the water damaged areas using tools including humidifiers and Wet/Dry Shop Vac.

Some water damage specialists can also assist you in claiming the insurance.

This depends on the policy you have chosen. Usually, homeowners insurance covers for water damages that seem to be sudden or spontaneous. Gradual water damage like damage from a leaking pipe is not covered.

Look for the following signs to identify leaks behind walls:

Discoloration of walls
Peeling and bubbling
Musty smell
Warped walls

The effects of water damage can be severe and can go unnoticed until it’s too late. It can trigger gradual structural deterioration and mold growth, which in turn can cause health concerns.

Due to the porous nature, drywalls accommodates water easily. Given the condition, drywalls are replaced on most of the occasions after water damage. Since they are not load-bearing, you do not have to be concerned about the structural integrity of the property.

High utility bill
Musty smell
Mold growth
Outdated water supply system
Appearance changes to ceiling, walls, and flooring

Water damaged carpets are not unfixable; however, it is important to consider the severity of the damage. There are some potential risks which makes reusing water damaged carpets not a smart move.

A drywall is highly porous and suitable for mold growth. Under the right conditions, it can take from 24 to 48 hours for mold growth on drywall.

The carpet smell can be removed, provided, each and every inch of the carpet is dried under the right conditions. A carpet that is not properly dried can second mold and mildew growth.

With commercial water damage, you risk the following:

Business coming to a standstill
Damage and replacement of office equipment
Destruction of documents or paper records
Cost based on severity and response time to the mishap

It varies from the type of property and the extent of water damage; we offer a free inspection and bill the insurance carrier for the water damage repairs.

Sewage and bacterial infestation
Damaged natural gas lines
Property structural damage
Mold growth

Flood-damaged clothing can be infected with bacteria and fungi. Soaking the clothes overnight in oxygen-based bleach followed by washing it with normal water and detergent is an ideal strategy. Also, ensure that the cloth is dried in the highest drying heating level possible.

Water damage to residential or commercial property can have major impacts. Foreseeing the possibilities and taking precautionary steps are the key to making sure that things are in control or you know what needs to be done when the unexpected happens.

Exposing electrical wiring to water or excessive moisture can make the internal components vulnerable to mold growth and corrosion. This is prominent with low quality or poorly maintained wiring. We recommend performing an electrical and water supply system inspection for your house or residential property at least once a year.

Fixing waterlogged wooden floors can be tricky as wood is a good water absorber. Depending on the severity of water absorption, which is determined via advanced moisture meters, we can choose between replacing and restoring.
When it comes to replacing it is ideal to replace the wooden boards that were affected by water.

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