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What to Expect from

Franchise Ownership in Water and Fire Damage Restoration Specialty

Owning a franchise specializing in water and fire restoration can offer both satisfaction and financial success. However, it demands swift action, effective team management, and obtaining proper certification. Here are some essential duties to contemplate before committing to an American Veterans Restoration franchise.

You'll Offer Support During Some of Their Most Difficult Moments

As an American Veterans Restoration owner, you’ll provide round-the-clock restoration and remediation services to residential and commercial clients facing water, fire, or other disaster incidents. Few situations are as distressing or devastating to property owners. Restoring not only their property but also their peace of mind becomes a crucial aspect of your service.

Your Service Team Will Provide Rapid Responses Around the Clock, Every Day of the Year

Disasters can strike homes or businesses unexpectedly, whether it’s water damage from a burst pipe or a natural disaster, or fires sparked by electrical malfunctions or wildfires. It’s imperative that every water and fire damage restoration franchise maintains a high level of professionalism, efficiency, and organization.

With an American Veterans Restoration franchise, you’ll have access to an in-house 24/7 call center. This call center is equipped to handle customer inquiries, guide them through the restoration process calmly, and schedule appointments efficiently.

You'll Undergo Training and Obtain Certification for Fire and Water Restoration Services

Restoration is a niche industry requiring specialized expertise. A fire and water damage franchise must possess comprehensive training in various restoration and remediation services. As a business owner, it’s crucial to ensure that your team of technicians is well-equipped to handle a wide range of scenarios, from dealing with standing water to addressing fire and smoke damage.

American Veterans Restoration offers water damage certification and other training programs certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This ensures that you and your team receive the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage restoration projects of all kinds.

You'll Collaborate with Insurance Companies and Gain Insight into their Procedures

In times of disaster, both homeowners and business proprietors rely on their insurance providers to shoulder the expenses. As a fire and water damage restoration franchise, your role encompasses making accurate estimates, securing approvals, and ensuring the smooth progression of the project. American Veterans Restoration owners are well-versed in the operations of insurance companies. They undergo training to streamline the repair process and expedite payment disbursements.

You'll Have the Backing of a Longstanding Franchise System Specializing in Restoration of Water and Fire Damage

As part of a water damage franchise, you must adhere to a standardized business model, utilize brand standards, and undergo training. In return, you receive a proven path to success, national marketing, and unparalleled support. American Veterans Restoration franchisees receive guidance and resources to assist customers post-disaster. Moreover, they join the Home Franchise Concepts family, accessing extensive marketing resources and ongoing support.

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