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What It Takes

Join Us as an American Veterans Restoration Franchisee

American Veterans Restoration’s disaster recovery services provide our clients with speed, expertise, and peace of mind. In times of crisis, our neighbors can rely on us for prompt and dependable assistance to swiftly restore their homes and businesses to normalcy. Below are the prerequisites for becoming a franchisee:

Qualities We Seek in an Ideal Franchisee Candidate

Industry Experience Not Required
While prior experience in restoration or construction is advantageous, it’s not a prerequisite. What matters most is your problem-solving abilities and your willingness to acquire the skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship. Additionally, we provide comprehensive franchise training to equip you with all the knowledge needed to excel in the restoration industry.

Open-mindedness is Key
The restoration business operates round the clock, every day of the year, with each project presenting unique challenges. Adaptability and quick thinking are indispensable qualities for aspiring franchisees with American Veterans Restoration.

Teamwork Makes a Successful Restoration Company

Lead By Example
As the franchise owner, you are the cornerstone of setting the pace and establishing the atmosphere within your operation. Your leadership qualities are fundamental in ensuring a smooth and efficient business operation. If you possess managerial experience or have served in the military, it’s advantageous. Inquire about our Veteran franchise discounts.

Be Open to Learning
At American Veterans Restoration, we employ highly-trained technicians certified by the IICRC. As a franchisee, you may need to obtain various certifications, from water damage training to mold remediation licenses. Additionally, you’ll need to adapt to our franchise model for running the business. Rest assured, we provide comprehensive training and coaching to facilitate your success.

Establishing a Business Requires Dedication and Time

Determination and Diligence
Setting clear goals and putting in the necessary effort to achieve them is paramount. By becoming a franchisee with American Veterans Restoration, we are committed to supporting your hard work and endeavors to ensure success.

Willingness to Invest in Yourself
If you inherently prioritize securing a brighter financial future for yourself, consider investing in yourself by channeling your resources and enthusiasm into an affordable franchise with significant profit potential.

Do You Possess the Qualifications to Join American Veterans Restoration?

Position American Veterans Restoration as the primary choice for water and fire damage restoration services in your community. Contact our franchise team today to embark on this rewarding opportunity.

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